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Art Market#4 - Upcoming Auctions - Sol Lewitt

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Scrolling through late-summer auction catalogues, I saw this interesting drawing by Sol LeWitt coming up for sale @toomeyandco on Aug 26, with an excellent provenance and a very good starting estimate.

Four Color Drawing - Black Circles, Red Grid, Yellow Arcs from Two Opposite Sides and Blue Arcs from Two Opposite Corners, 1972

pen, colored ink and graphite on paper, 38 x 38 cm ca.

titled, signed and dated

Provenance: From the collection of Bruce and Anne Bachman, Chicago

Estimate $2,000-3,000

Sold for $93,750

LeWitt demonstrated 34 different combinations of lines rendered in four colors. However, grid generation process was neither entirely predictable nor free from errors, as he was well aware. He said in 1974 "I've done a lot of things with drawings and prints, using color in a theoretical way. There were four parts of the drawing: four lines in four directions. You know, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, both ways. And then you could use four colors: the three primary colors plus black. So I've done things with colors, but you can't add color to these things without making it a little absurd and diminishing".


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